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About Us

ICRWorld Research

Authoritative Business intelligence

What we do

In order to dig the latest and meaningful insights and intelligence data, our seasoned professionals conduct the in-depth survey research interviewswith the experienced market participants. And then our analyst will reasoned out the approach through unique combination with the information, analytics and expertise.


What we promise

Our research provides informed informationthat aids in helping our clients seize the business opportunities in their industries and meeting or exceeding the company’s growth targets.


Who we serve

The clients, including the Business, Research institute, Universities andGovernment, who use our market data and critical information to make the smarter decisions.


ICRWorld Research is one of the worlds leading market research companies which served the industry research and the Business intelligence.

ICRWorld Research mainly is engaged in the in-depth market survey, customized research and the Industry report. ICRWorld Research has provided the accurate business intelligence information for ten years.

ICRWorld Research is an Authoritative Research Report Publisher. We have more than 200 distributors in the worldwide. And we have 2000+ Client Companies which are located in USA, Europe, Korea, Japan, India and other 50+ countries. 

ICRWorld Research has the Critical Information source, including the Customs, government, associations and others. ICRWorld employs a team of dedicated analysts who have more than 5 years’ experience in the market survey and research area. We provide your organization with valuable insight into 1000+ industries, so you can make business decisions better and faster.Some world top five hundred companies are our clients.

By the cutting edge big data technology and the seasoned market researcher or investigator, we dedicated to enrich Client’s market chance and improve Client’ market competitive status.


ICRWorld Research Analysts:

Hold bachelor, doctorate degrees and other advanced degrees

More than five years’ research experience in their expertise area

Provide global strategic insight and analysis, including USA, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, South East Asia and India

Research Methodology

Stage 1: Secondary research

Stage 2: Primary research: interviews with trade sources

Stage 3: Analysis of the gathered data

Stage 4: Quantitative data

Stage 5: Quality control


Key research span multiple sectors


Chemicals & Materials

Energy and Power

Food & Beverage

Life sciences and Healthcare (Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals)

Semiconductor & Electronics

Machine & Equipment

Automation & Instrumentation